Novus Insight helps largest private provider of services to the disabled achieve staggering cost savings and improved service delivery

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Oak Hill is an altruistic organization that provides specialty healthcare and special education services to the disabled. Its mission is to set the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity. For over 125 years Oak Hill has impacted the community in a powerful way by providing housing, training, education, assistance and recreation for children and adults. Today, with a network of 152 programs with 19 distinct services and over 1,400 dedicated staff members, it administers an extraordinary array of meaningful services throughout Connecticut.

With state funding drying up over the past decade, the organization has had to drop certain programs and review itself internally for areas of cost savings and more efficient operation. One area that offered room for improvement was the dated and often cumbersome technology infrastructure that was driving Oak Hill’s day-to-day processes and service delivery. Disconnected software systems and licensing agreements, an over-engineered network structure, paper-based business processes, and computer literacy of staff were just some of the issues stunting productivity and ultimately impacting the sustainability and service impact of all of its programs.

Novus took a hard look at Oak Hill’s needs when the organization reached out for an assessment in 2016. Novus studied the physical and virtual environment, network hardware, data management software, and technology workflows. As a result, multiple areas of improvement and cost savings were immediately recognized by Novus staff. At that point, Oak Hill realized Novus Insight was a valuable partner in driving its vision.

Novus Insight’s Director of Professional Services John Tindall, acting as Virtual Chief Information Officer for Oak Hill, assembled a team of Novus staff to tackle the technology challenges and assist Oak Hill in achieving the valuable goals of modernizing and mobilizing their service offerings to participants and staff.

Over the past two years Novus and Oak Hill were able to reduce the physical server footprint by six machines, and virtual server footprint by ten machines. Turnaround time requests for desktop support and hardware have gone from weeks to days or even hours. Dozens of paper processes have been removed using Office 365 workflows in combination with a custom data warehousing solution developed on Novus’ in-house, open source web application framework. Along with technology change, staff members have received one-on-one and team training to make them more comfortable in their daily computer tasks. These achievements have added up to a massive savings of over $500,000 per year and positions Oak Hill to grow and serve the community well into the future.

Having Novus, and their expertise as part of our team, has allowed us to consider various technology solutions that we didn’t even know existed. They continue to offer options and solutions to lean up our processes and manage with data in ways that are helping Oak Hill thrive in our rapidly changing industry.

Barry M. Simon, MA, MPA
President and Chief Executive Officer, Oak Hill

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