Your Student Lottery Made Easy

  • Customized to fit your needs
  • Simple, to save you time and hassle
  • Affordable to fit your budget
  • Parents and Administrators love it

What is NovusChoice?

NovusChoice creates a positive student selection experience for both schools and families through user-friendly, customized and affordable services. This on-line student application database and lottery programming is designed to meet the needs of today’s students, parents and school administrators.

NovusChoice combines the expertise of professionals in education and information technology with cutting edge tools and exceptional customer service to address the school choice challenges faced by educators.

NovusChoice Offers

  • Accurate Results
    Paperless, hands-free application processing ensures accurate lottery results
  • Easy Data Access
    Including mass application viewing, customizable report previews and search terms
  • Instant Reporting Features
    Customizable reports to analyze demographics and generate charts, conforming to State of Connecticut and other standards
  • Easy Application Management
    Admins can manually add, edit and verify multiple applications simultaneously
  • Push-Button Lottery
    Runs within seconds, regardless of the number of applications
  • Exportable Data
    Freely output application results to excel spreadsheets
  • SSL Secured
    NovusChoice encrypts data for your protection
  • Web-Based Platform
    Is always accessible, from anywhere
  • Waiting Lists
    Are automatically generated for prospective students
  • Fully Transparent
    Application processing and automatic audit trails. All actions on the public and administrative areas are logged
  • Flexible Lottery Rules
    Allow NovusChoice to adjust to every school’s needs
  • Ease of Mind
    NovusChoice is hosted on a redundant database cluster, and all application data is backed up twice a day
  • Personal Service with Ongoing Support
    NovusChoice provides administrative and technical assistance to all customers, whether for a single school or an entire urban district

How Does it Work?

Parents can register for an account at any time, choose the school group they wish to apply to and follow a simple four-step process. Parents may apply any of their children to multiple lotteries with the same application.

When an application is submitted, admins are free to sort, verify and keep track of all applications. When the lottery is run, every student who has applied for a lottery is assigned a random number from 1 to 2.15 billion using the highly acclaimed Mersenne Twister Algorithm, providing transparent, fast and fair lottery results.

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