School Application & Lottery Software

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Novus Choice is a web-based platform that addresses school choice challenges faced by magnet, charter and other schools when collecting applications, conducting school lotteries, managing wait lists, and integrating with other enrollment functions. The system was designed by educators and school administrators who deeply understand the lottery process.

Novus designed the system for flexibility, allowing for customization without a considerable amount of effort and cost. This gives schools their own look, feel and functionality at an affordable price.

Reporting is one of the strongest facets of the system. Instant, ad-hoc reporting on all demographic data is available, and there are no additional fees tied to any of the reporting. Reports can be easily defined and generated by anyone with administrative permission, regardless of technical skills.

Personal, highly responsive support is something that differentiates us from other school lottery service providers. The Novus Choice help desk is co-located in Connecticut with the Novus team that developed the application, which means clients have direct access to the Dev team when needed. All support requests are logged and assigned immediately, with the large majority worked on and resolved by the end of the day.

Every action taken in Novus Choice by a parent or administrator is logged and auditable. The system is completely transparent from an audit perspective, and all log data is backed up daily and archived indefinitely.