Automate Your Workplace

Your data is your most important asset. We take the time to understand your goals, processes, and challenges so we can build the right solution for you. Our philosophy is to keep our custom designed solutions modular, user-friendly, standards compliant, and scalable. We use open source technology platforms which keep both initial and ongoing costs lower.
Universal Intake Platform for Social Service Organizations

Data management is one of the biggest efficacy issues facing organizations. Social workers are drowning in paperwork, referrals are still delivered by fax, intake forms are handwritten then entered electronically. Organizations are losing qualified staff because their time is consumed with paperwork and reporting. Funding requirements, regulatory compliance and data collection can lead to complicated service delivery and increased frustration amongst those receiving services.

We believe data collection should happen organically as you work with people and intake should not be a repetitive process. We are solving this coordination problem by establishing Altrulink. Altrulink is a collaborative platform that will allow agencies to simplify the intake and referral processes, ease reporting burdens and allow for greater communication and collaboration, ultimately improving the service delivery model.

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School Application and Lottery Services

Our student lottery platform creates a positive student selection experience for both schools and families through user-friendly, customized and affordable services. This on-line student application database and lottery programming is designed to meet the needs of today’s students, parents and school administrators.

This platform combines the expertise of our professionals in education and information technology with cutting edge tools and exceptional customer service to address the school choice challenges faced by educators.

Accurate results, secure data access and instant reporting features make this a clear choice for your next student lottery.

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For more information, please contact Joe McGrattan | 860-282-4200

Facility Management Portal

Managing an office space with your own internal operations, engagements with your customers and multiple building tenants can be unwieldy with one-size-fits-all, off the shelf applications like Outlook and Google calendars.

Building off of our own flexible core framework, Novus has developed a multi-module, robust platform for managing your facilities and infrastructure. This portal system provides its users with powerful tools to manage and automate processes and procedures so you spend less time chasing down information over multiple disconnected systems.

Our portal platform can be customized to our customer’s unique needs and offer such functionality as: admin controlled user entry and permissions, meeting room reservation, payment processing, event scheduling, human resources processes, digital signage, document storage, messaging / ticketing / chat and more.

For more information, please contact Joe McGrattan | 860-282-4200

Visitor Management Kiosk

Buildings open their doors to hundreds, sometimes thousands of visitors per year and receptionists rely on pen and paper sign-ins to keep track of who’s going in and out of the building. Visitors can often go unchecked and this can be problematic in the event of a security audit, or other situation where visitor records need to be recalled in detail.

For those organizations that want to keep a close eye on visitor information, security regulation and their own sensitive data and equipment, Novus has developed a hardware and software bundle that serves as the first point of contact for visitors. The Visitor Management Kiosk prompts visitors for their name(s), affiliation, reason for visit, time in and time out, and any other information required for your check in and check out procedures.

The system can scan against the national ITAR restriction database as well as print photo ID badges. Our Kiosk can also be combined with our Facility Management Portal to assign visitors to company events or meetings and also allows for pre-registration of large groups.

For more information, please contact Joe McGrattan | 860-282-4200