Room & Resource Reservation Portal

Efficiently managing reservation activity in a multi-tenant, shared space office facility can be difficult when using commercial tools like Outlook or Google Calendars. Novus was faced with this challenge in our own multi-tenant building and solved the challenges by developing a a robust web application.

The portal application provides employees and facilities management staff with an intuitive, simple-to-learn system that automates workflows which previously required users to access multiple, disconnected systems. It can easily be customized to an organization’s specific processes and automates functions such as administrator-controlled user entry and permissions, meeting room reservations, payment processing for facilities or equipment, event scheduling, digital signage integration, document storage, guest WiFi enablement, user support ticketing, and more. Easy for administrators to manage, it is a low-cost, effective tool for simplifying the logistics involved with multiple tenants sharing facilities.

Features & Functionality

  • Open source and cloud based
  • Easy to administer and manage
  • Scalable without per user fees
  • Fully featured, all inclusive