Novus did an exceptional job coming through for us on such a tight schedule. I look forward to working with them again in the future. They’re one of the most capable technology organizations we’ve have had the pleasure of working with. They delivered.

American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, KY

GRAND SLAM!!!! Ryan and his team are fantastic and I am so happy I decided to move forward on this relationship. Wish I had done it a couple of months ago. Thank you for your guidance and patience in helping me understand and appreciate the intricacies involved in the challenge before all of us. Everything has exceeded my expectations.

Mary Bylone, First Selectman, Colchester, CT

With the incredible support we receive from Kevin & Cam, we are able to give our entire workforce the ability to work offsite. This was no small task and the Novus team really worked hard on our behalf. Thank you all!

Erika Wiecenski, First Selectwoman, Willington, CT

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the Novus team. They continue to meet my expectations, regularly exceeding them. I can’t thank you enough for all the support your team provided in Willington as we transitioned our students and staff to learning from home.

Phil Stevens, Superintendent, Willington Public Schools, CT
Having Novus and their expertise as part of our team has allowed us to consider various technology solutions that we didn’t even know existed.
Barry Simon, MA, President & CEO, Oak Hill, Hartford, CT


Whether just beginning your cybersecurity journey or looking to ensure best practices are being followed, Novus’ complete portfolio of cybersecurity services can help. Our vendor-agnostic philosophy and solutions-based methodology of aligning people, process, and technology provides actionable steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks.

Security Technology

Our main goal is creating an optimized security infrastructure that increases visibility and makes sense of the noise. By aligning existing tools and platforms, we can create cost-effective solutions that enhance security and operational efficiency. We begin by assessing and investigating your security toolset and creating recommendations for better integration of tools that can augment the existing solution. By maximizing the capabilities of security technology, we can create an environment that works together and creates results.

Security Operations

Feeling overwhelmed managing all the alerts and alarms? Not managing the alerts and alarms? Let us assist with your Security Operations challenges. We’ll help you align security technology with your operations, eliminate redundant systems, streamline inefficient processes and fill your skill gaps. We can assess, help prioritize, recommend solutions and manage the environment to whatever extent you’d like.

Identity and Data Management

Struggling with managing multiple credentials? Is data everywhere you don’t want it to be? We can help simplify both identity and data management across systems. By leveraging enterprise grade solutions, we can implement Single Sign On, Password Management, and Data Classification and Protection. When bringing together identity and data management, you’ll know where your data is and who has access to it, plus be able to control it at every step of its lifecycle.

Policies and Procedures

Struggling to create meaningful policies and procedures? We can help create living documents that people will read (and follow!). Policies and procedures are only helpful if they are relevant and helpful. We’ll show you how to create actionable, meaningful, and usable documents that support your operations.

User Training

Creating a culture of cybersecurity begins with end users. From the executive to the front-line worker, everyone has a role in protecting the assets of the organization. Working closely with you, we create customized training programs that reinforce best practices, instill a sense of responsibility, and improve cyber literacy. Our training programs grow with your users and adapt to the threats you’re facing.

GRC Program Development

We specialize in assisting organizations with untangling the myriad of compliance regulations they must adhere to. Whether it’s HIPAA, CMMC, DFARS, PCI, or a contractual requirement, we can help you understand the requirements, perform a gap analysis, and develop a strategy for sustaining compliance.

Resiliency and Risk Management

How will your organization respond and recover from a cyber event? Will it be an organized response, or will it be chaotic? We can help ensure it’s organized by creating a cyber resilience strategy. Despite all the protections, a business disruption or cyber event is inevitable. Having the proper structure in place to respond to an event makes all the difference. Backup and recovery, business continuity and incident response are just some of the areas we can assist with. By bringing together business stakeholders and IT resources, we can ensure that expectations are met and solutions are properly sized. We also work with a network of cyber insurance providers to ensure you’re covered if a situation arises.

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