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The construct of Novus’ service offerings originates with a belief that organizations today find it extremely challenging to manage all the technology required to build a resilient IT infrastructure. Knowledge and skill shortages in cyber, data management, and emerging technologies make it especially difficult to pull everything together in a coordinated, easy-to-manage way. Because of this, the fundamental dilemma facing many organizations is they are not well positioned or resourced to realize the value inherent in the technology they have or want to deploy.

In IT infrastructures, tight dependencies exist between the various components making up systems. If one fails or is performing poorly, it can have a cascading effect on a number of other things, requiring a collaborative effort among specialists to troubleshoot and resolve. This often includes coordination and good communication above the infrastructure level once a problem below is felt by users. A silo-oriented IT operation will struggle to be effective here, because it lacks visibility into the critical interdependencies that exist between infrastructure, data, and security.

We believe the key to maximizing technology value is smartly integrating the piece parts, with controls in place to keep risk low. It’s something we strive to do for each client. Sure, there’s complexity because of how fast technology is evolving and becoming intertwined with every business process. But with a team-centric approach and considerable breadth of technical and industry knowledge, we’re able to help clients in ways that previously required their use of multiple service providers, consultants, and staff.

Strategic Consulting

Technology often falls short of expectations when problems are inaccurately defined. This introduces risk that can be avoided if proper discovery is done. It’s why we emphasize the importance of this step to minimize risk and produce the most successful outcomes.

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Getting things right at the IT infrastructure level is more critical than ever. A solid, flexible foundation is what allows consistently positive experiences to happen above it. Some of an organization’s most strategic technology decisions are now being down at this level.

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Managed Services

Technology is advancing so quickly and unpredictably that staying well informed while managing an IT operation is nearly impossible. Something has to give — and strategic planning often does — which makes evaluating the pros and cons of outsourcing more important than ever.

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Application Development

Every organization on earth has data challenges. Some are minor, while others paralyze progress (and efforts to overcome them). Many are more fixable than people think, and the result is operational improvements that often far exceed expectations.

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The way to tackle cybersecurity is by understanding how organizations operate and how people do their jobs. The technology piece is important but receives a disproportionate amount of attention. This leaves organizations with a false sense of security, which can lead to big problems.

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Novus did an exceptional job coming through for us on such a tight schedule. I look forward to working with them again in the future. They’re one of the most capable technology organizations we’ve have had the pleasure of working with. They delivered.

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