Novus Insight Apprentice Program

Novus Insight, Inc. recognizes that apprenticeship is a proven approach for preparing workers for jobs while meeting the needs of business for a highly-skilled workforce. It is an employer-driven, “learn-while-you-earn” model that combines on-the-job-training, provided by the employer that hires the apprentice, with job-related instruction tied to the attainment of specific skills.

The key components of the apprenticeship program include:

  • Assessment — to determine your job readiness.
  • Skills development — coaching to get you ready to be successful at work.
  • Onboarding — understanding the expectations and connecting to resources.

Application process

The apprenticeship program follows the normal application process via submission of resume. A candidate may indicated their intention to apply specifically for the apprenticeship program, or the management team of Novus Insight may determine, during the course of an interview, that the individual would be a good candidate for an apprenticeship.

If a candidate confirms their interest in the apprenticeship, they will also have an interview with a multilevel team, which will include a potential mentor.


A good fit for the apprenticeship program is an individual who is highly motivated, demonstrates technical aptitude, and is able to learn technical procedures and reproduce them.


An apprentice will complete Novus Insight’s Skills Assessment at the beginning of their apprenticeship. The expectation is that the majority of the skills will be 1 (Some Knowledge) or 0 ( No Knowledge).

Support Specialist Candidates

Candidates in the Support Specialist apprenticeship will have an intensive 6-month period in which they will be exposed to the support specialist position and learn required sills to be successful in the position. An additional 6-month period will consist of continued learning and support with gradual entry to full support activities. The program will include a two week in-office orientation period, and then, to follow:

  • Dedicated Systems Analyst mentor
  • Expected weekly breakdown of activities (will vary):
    • 8 hours/week Remote Support
    • Minimum 8 hours/week prescribed web-based training with after0hours learning encouraged but not required. Training to include:
      • Windows desktop and support operating systems
      • Networking fundamentals
      • Virtualization
      • Other skills identified in Skills DB assessment
      • Soft skills required for success in the field
      • RMM basics
      • Support policies and procedures
      • Access to learning environment (virtual sandbox) and equipment
    • 8 hours/week Systems Analyst shadowing
    • 8 hours/week Support Specialist shadowing
    • 8 hours/week or more on-site support activities under direct or remote supervision of Analyst or Support Specialist
  • As the apprenticeship progresses, the apprentice will have decreasing yet continued Analyst mentorship, and increasing time at client sites or on Remote Support, up to full time.

Continuation of Apprenticeship

Employment at Novus Insight is at-will, which means either the apprentice or management can determine, at any time, that the apprenticeship is not a good mutual fit or something that one or both do not wish to continue. While Novus Insight intends to have ongoing discussion, feedback, and coaching with an apprentice, the apprentice should be aware that they may be removed, or may choose to discontinue, the apprenticeship at any time, without formal disciplinary procedures.

Completion of Apprenticeship

At the completion of the apprenticeship (minimum of 6 months, maximum of 12 months), the apprentice’s mentor will complete a Skills Assessment reflecting the skills required to work as a Support Specialist I. Successful completion of the apprenticeship will be indicated with a a majority of skills rated at a level 2 (Competent), with some at 1 (Some Knowledge).


Apprentices are classified as temporary employees with Novus Insight benefits available to temporary employees*. After the successful completion of the apprenticeship or 1 year (whichever is earlier), the employee may be hired for a full-time position in which case they will receive a salary increase, with full Novus Insight benefits available to regular employees. Apprentices are not eligible for profit sharing during the apprenticeship period.

Promotion to other positions

Upon successful completion of apprenticeship and 1 year of successful work in the position of Support Specialist (if hired), the employee is eligible for promotion to higher levels of Support Specialist of other job title the employee may qualify for. These decisions will be at the discretion of management and will be based on the annual performance evaluation process and skills assessment as well as other factors that related to the employee’s ability to perform at a higher capacity.


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