Charitable Giving Initiative

Novus Insight, Inc. is proud to provide IT support and consulting services to dozens of nonprofit organizations. In an effort to provide back to the community, we have partnered with a local nonprofit organization to promote and support.

About Protectors of Animals

Protectors of Animals (POA), is a 501(c)3 no-kill animal shelter, primarily volunteer operated, in East Hartford, Connecticut, with a mission to rescue and care for abandoned and mistreated animals, offering medical attention, and facilitating their adoption into caring homes. Committed to responsible pet ownership education, POA aims to raise awareness about animal welfare while advocating for improved protective measures. Through their rescue, medical care, adoption services, and community outreach, Protectors of Animals strives to ensure the well-being of animals and promote a compassionate coexistence between humans and animals.

How We’re Helping


How You Can Help

You can make a meaningful impact on Protectors of Animals (POA) by donating funds to support their rescue, medical care, and adoption programs, as well as their community outreach efforts. They also offer volunteer opportunities your time and skills to assist with tasks ranging from animal care to event organization.

If you’re able to provide a temporary home, fostering animals is another valuable way to contribute. By adopting pets from POA, you directly support their mission while providing a loving home to a rescued animal. Spreading awareness about POA’s work through social media, attending their events, and sharing their mission within your community also helps create a positive impact on animal welfare.

You can learn more about POA, including adoption and volunteer opportunities, at