Visitor Management Kiosk

Many buildings open their doors to visitors each year and rely on pen and paper to track who is coming and going. This can be problematic when detailed visitor records need to be recalled quickly, or in the event of a security audit. For organizations needing reliable, auditable tracking of visitor activity, Novus developed and offers a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution that serves as the first point of contact for visitors.

Our visitor management kiosk is a combination of software and hardware that streamlines visitor check-in. It prompts visitors for their name, affiliation, reason for visit, time in/time out, and any other information required when visitors enter the facility. The system can also query external databases if needed (the national ITAR restriction database, for example) and print photo ID badges. Custom workflows can then be triggered to assign visitors to scheduled events, meetings, or designated spaces. Pre-registration of large groups makes processing of larger events easy yet still accurate.

As with all of Novus’ software solutions, Visitor Management Kiosk is supported by the same team that developed it ensuring timely resolution to any assistance that is needed.